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March 12, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the March 12, 2007 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Please take the time to read, comment on, and share with others. We all have the power to change the corporate world for the better.

Consumers decide what to spend their money on. Employees decide who they want to work for. Investors decide who they will invest in.

Do you want a company to change for the better? Don't buy their product, don't work for them, and don't invest in them until they do. Most of all, stay informed. That is what this carnival is all about.

David presents Cable Companies Monopoly Equals Lower Service and Higher Prices posted at Worldwide Success.

Leon Gettler presents Starbucks is starstruck posted at Sox First, saying, "Starbucks (SBUX) is trying to stop an entrepreneur from opening a rival chain called Starstrucks in India, effectively beating the coffee company to the punch. The entrepreneur says her concept is totally different from the Starbucks offer. The name is just coincidental, of course."

Charles H. Green presents You Empower What You Fear posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Is it right to make employees sign non-compete agreements? And just as importantly, is it in the corporation's actual interest?"

Tracy Coenen presents Pinnacle Development partners charged with running a Ponzi scheme posted at FRAUDfiles.

Givemebigmoney presents opportunities for the Guerilla Recruiter at Goodyear (GT). Posted at

That concludes the 1st edition of Corporate Vigilance .

Do you want to change the corporate world for the better?

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