Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the June 24, 2007 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Stacey Derbinshire presents Why You Would Be VERY Wise To Start A Business While You Still Have Your Day Job posted at Starting a Small Home Business.

Tom Stanley presents How to Investigate a Business Franchise Opportunity posted at Tom's Franchise Information Blog, saying, "Thinking of buying a Franchise business? Don't make these common mistakes. My article tells you the mistakes people can make."

Jason Rakowski presents Cellular Retailers Must Greet Customers within 30 Seconds - Study posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, "This is a great case study to show how customer service can improve your business. Lean to make more money by serving you customers."

Jonathan Deamer presents Tesco’s green posturing is just a marketing gimmick posted at Jonathan Deamer, saying, "Not sure this is quite the sort of thing you normally cover, but you may find it interesting!"

Jason Elder presents The 6 Laws Defining Bankruptcy posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog, saying, "Most people know about Chapters 7 and 11 but did you know about the other 4?"

Mike Harmon presents Home Based Business Tips - Three Reasons to Outsource Your Businesses Accounting Needs posted at Basic Accounting, saying, "You are probably already using a program like Quickbooks or Microsoft Money to balance your business books. But I will reveal 3 reasons why getting a good book-keeper will make a world of difference in your business."

Randy Nichols presents Learn to Invent and Reinvent Your Future posted at Career Advice by Randy, saying, "Learn to invent and reinvent your future with carrer advice from Randy."

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Is Traditional Publicity Dead? posted at Matt's Creative Advertising Blog, saying, "Promotion has changed and evolved over the last few years. Find out more at Matt's Creative Advertising blog."

Stacey Derbinshire presents Licensing Your Way to Wealth posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, "Licensing requires little time and money and is extremely risk-free, while venturing requires a huge amount of time and money and is extremely risky. Learn more at my small home business blog."

Leon Gettler presents BAE paid for luxury honeymoon posted at Sox First, saying, "The BAE bribery scandal gets murkier and murkier with revelations that the arms merchant secretly paid nearly £250,000 ($US498,00) for a honeymoon for the daughter of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian prince who is right in the middle of these allegations."

Steven Silvers presents PR is Chief among the reasons for corporate title inflation. posted at Scatterbox at, saying, "For many companies, puffed up “Chief Whatever Officer” titles are more than a way to get and keep good talent. They’re also classic American marketing spin to get positive PR for having good intentions."

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