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October 21, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the October 21, 2007 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Meaningful Spiritual Relationships – Namaste Matters posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Celebrate life with this insight on how to take your personal relationships to a whole new level. To me, a spiritual relationship exists between any two people who recognize and acknowledge that deep inside, we are the same. Behind the faces, beyond the reach of social conditioning, deeper than individual egos, we are identical. We are presence, consciousness, pure knowingness - the awareness of “I am.” We are life itself. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)"

Steve Bainbridge presents Shareholder Activist Monks Banned from Serving as a Lead Plaintiff posted at Professor Bainbridge's Business Associations Blog, saying, "Analysis of a recent case in which a federal court refused to allow famed shareholder activist Robert Monks to serve as lead plaintiff in a securities fraud suit against Stone & Webster, Inc."

Mike Harmon presents How To Find Help For New Business? posted at Basic Accounting, saying, "Everyday a new business, partnership or company is formed to carry out trading transaction in view to profit from the business activities. By the time a person registers the business, partnership or company, documentation is required for every single step."

Sue Massey presents How to Write a Business Proposal posted at Business Management Life, saying, "Writing a business proposal can seem like a daunting task. Where do I start? What do I need to say? How do I know if I’ve written a proposal that my customer will understand?"

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » 3 Free Advertising Options For Your Business posted at Matt's Creative Advertising Blog, saying, "Whether you have a website for a small business, or a large corporation, you probably already know the benefits of advertising your business. However, have you looked into different ways to get free advertising?"

Eric Hudin presents Wills Vs Living Trusts posted at My Estate Planning Career Blog, saying, "Ever wonder what the difference is between a will and Trust? In this article I will tell you the difference. Thanks for hosting."

Tom Stanley presents How to find the Top Franchise Opportunities posted at Tom's Franchise Information Blog, saying, "In this article I'll tell you how to find the best franchise opportunities. Which is best? Food Franchises, Business Franchises, Automobile Franchises, Daycare Franchises, Fast Food Franchises, Retail Franchises, Hotel Franchises, Travel Franchises, Home-Based Business Franchises, and even Internet-based Franchises."

Sidhusaaheb presents Of Human Bondage posted at I, Me, Myself.

Larry Russell presents Avoiding financial advisor and investment counselor frauds and scams - Overview posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, "The best way to avoid being defrauded or scammed by a financial or investment advisor is to investigate carefully several different advisers before hiring one of them. If you carefully choose a financial adviser or investment counselor, you have a far greater chance of finding one who is objective, competent, and ethical. This could help you to avoid significant problems in the future."

Randy Nichols presents The Job Burnout Cure posted at Career Advice by Randy, saying, "The daily grind of working for someone else and being on a limited income takes it’s toll, What in the world is the cure?"

Jason Rakowski presents Free Help Desk Software Solution Is An Attractive Option? posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, "For small businesses, a free help desk software solution is an attractive option to boost up their customer support. However, on getting a helpdesk system for free, users often overlook the cost in terms of time and maintenance. The strategy could backfire if after investing your time in installing, integrating and building the database, you find that the system is full of bugs or does not run properly on your platform. If your site desperately needs a helpdesk system and you lack the time to check out the free tools, then it would be better to choose a reputed low-cost brand rather than an unknown name."

Chris Russell presents The Power of Personal Space posted at Productivity Planner, saying, "Have you ever thought about how powerful personal space is as a determinant of productivity? Everybody works differently, and where possible good managers should take into account individual preferences and needs when allocating workspace."

Stacey Derbinshire presents What Will A Business Plan Do For You? posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, "If you’re just starting out in business, a written business plan can help you organize all the pieces that will have to come together to make your business a success. A business hoping to expand its operations in some way can achieve the same benefits. A well-established business trying to grow out of a business-as-usual rut can use a plan as a modeling tool to examine various options before committing to one."

Jason Whitmen presents Best Press Release Writing - 3 Beginner Tips to Press Release Writing posted at Public Relations Insider, saying, "Press releases are news announcements, whether through online publications or through traditional media. You can use it as a promotions and advertising tool. To be effective however, you should write it in news format..."

Robert Michel presents Business Networking is Like an Orange Tree posted at Social Networking Skills, saying, "Print advertising, phone solicitation, and direct mail if done correctly lead to immediate results. Personal networking takes longer, and therefore requires a greater level of patience and maturity. However, the quality of business received from networking is by far superior because nothing beats a personal referral."

David Kam presents The Advantages and Disadvantages of Parody Websites | posted at

Joy Miller presents Ivy League universities now offer online degrees and certificates posted at Online College Blog, saying, "Ivy League dreams? Make them a reality. Although you may not be able to physically commute to an Ivy League campus, that shouldn’t keep you from “attending” classes at an Ivy League university."

Leon Gettler presents More options, more losses posted at Sox First, saying, "Beware of CEOs on options. Loading up CEOs with options leads to riskier performance, according to new research. The evidences shows that options loaded CEOs are more prone to extreme performance, resulting in big gains but more usually, big losses."

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