Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9, 2008 Edition

Welcome to the March 9, 2008 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

Brad Trnavsky presents When NOT to close the deal. posted at Sales Management 2.0 - Featured Blog Posts, saying, "A short article about how a financial planner that failed to "close the deal" landed far more business than she would of if she had forced the sale."

John Crenshaw presents Paying Off Your Mortgage - Will It Save You Money? posted at Truthful Lending dot Com, saying, "There's been quite a bit of debate lately over whether or not you should pay off your mortgage or invest any extra money. This article explores the different mortgage payoff methods and will help you decide which, if any, are right for you."

David Weisman presents Industrial Policy posted at The Art of Peace.

Hung Nguyen presents Adding Values to Your Investment: FTSE 4Good Index posted at Meaningful Issues in Today's World, saying, "Would you like to add not only value, but values to your investment? This blog looks at Vanguard's socially responsible investing option. The Vanguard FTSE Social Index is based on the FTSE 4Good Index which has a rigorous screening of funds. I analyze the fund's performance, fees, and its holdings to see if it is worth investing in."

John Phillips presents Are business ethics relative or dead? posted at The Word On Employment Law, saying, "Are business ethics relative or dead?" presents “Whack -a -Mole” Management posted at Teamwork.

Jean Mosher presents I See You Bought a Dress Online posted at Always in Motion.

Charles H. Green presents Why I Love Accountants posted at Trust Matters, saying, "If I could have only one advisor for my business, it would be an accountant. And I say that as someone who is not an acountant himself."

Jason Voiovich presents Trader Joe?s takes action to protect itself from the Chinese (brand) posted at State of the Brand from Ecra Creative Group :: by Jason Voiovich, saying, "A post detailing the action from Trader Joe's regarding Chinese-grown food products."

Kingsley Tagbo presents How To Find Affordable, Flexible Career Training Programs posted at HOW TO LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FAST OR GET A JOB EASILY.

CMOE presents Strategic Formulation > Leadership In Action posted at Teamwork.

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