Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008 Edition

Welcome to the December 14, 2008 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

Michael Cohen presents Traits Of A Good Investor | The Stock Investor - Stock Advice And Tips posted at The Stock Investor, saying, "These are the three most importnat traits of a successful stock investor."

Simon Stapleton presents 10 Big Reasons Why Freelancers Must Use Elance and Rentacoder (or Other Freelance Marketplaces) | posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "Freelance Marketplaces, like Elance and Rentacoder, have grown very popular with freelancers and their clients because they are a ‘platform solution’ to many freelancer business problems. For a small(ish) fee, freelancers enjoy many benefits. What are they, and why use these platforms?"

Dr Martin Russell presents If You Hate Asking For Referrals… posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, "Plenty of people hesitate before spreading the word about a political candidate or a business or a medical device. We’re worried that we’ll look silly, or that the place will end up being too crowded and now we won’t be able to get in. Or perhaps we’re concerned about losing our uniqueness…"

Junior presents Does The Big Three Crisis Mark The End Of Big Labor posted at Car Commentary, saying, "Will the near failure of US automakers doom the future of unions?"

Tushar Mathur presents Do your Marketing Emails look like SPAM ? posted at Build Websites & Start a Business, saying, "Spam is a bigger and bigger problem nowadays. Recently Ralph Wilson, Paul Myers, and other Net marketing gurus have written about the problems that spam is causing honest, hard working Net marketers."

Ian Peatey presents Price of three inches posted at Quantum Learning - nonviolent living, saying, "How to balance market pricing with attention to the specific needs of the customer?"

Howard Ditkoff presents Publicizing The Threat of Personality Disorders Among Those in Positions of Power posted at Blog, saying, "Recent political scandals - including those involving ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich - awaken us to the dangers posed when sociopaths or those with serious personality disorders use their charm and persuasion to attain positions of power, whether in government, corporations or the family."

Great Management presents Sports And Business Have Much In Common posted at The GreatManagement Blog, saying, "Sports and business have much in common. Each is about teamwork, graft, discipline and success. And each can learn from each other by sharing knowledge of how best to get to the top."

Raymond presents Reviews Of The Best Advanta Business Credit Cards and Offers posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents Reviews Of The Best Discover Credit Cards and Offers posted at Money Blue Book.

Shaun Connell presents The Get-Rich-Quick Lie posted at Financial Planning, saying, "Finally, someone explains -why- get rich quick schemes don't work. I explain why it simply isn't possible to get rich without -creating- something or finding a way to trade something of value. Basic business and economics... a must read for all internet marketers."

Will Edwards presents On Giving Up posted at Inspiration, saying, "There is no question about it, if you want to be successful on the internet, you need to be persistent. I think most people think they are persistent enough when they start out, but when they give-up, they demonstrate that they just are not."

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