Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11, 2009 Edition

Welcome to the January 11, 2009 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

debergerac78 presents Where was Wall Street’s “Deep Throat”? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "One can't shake the feeling that a few whistleblowers, standing up when it counted, could have stopped this full-blown financial crisis."

Great Management presents GreatManagement Presents The 10 Most Popular Articles Of 2008 posted at Great Management, saying, "Most popular GreatManagement postings for 2008...covering Public Speaking, Personal Success, Being Interviewed, Performance Reviews, Giving Feedback, Dealing With Uncertainty and What To Do If You Are FIRED!"

Stephen Pierce presents FREE New Year's Report From Stephen: Income Is The Outcome! posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce, saying, "This FREE REPORT will be the most important first reading for you for the new year… so I encourage you to read it immediately. In this report we will discuss the most overlooked secret to building massive financial success."

Darryl Kimball presents The Internet Gold Rush, More Business Lessons Learned posted at Just Give Me a Home Based Business That Makes Money, saying, "By this time in my home based business quest for success, the internet craze had swept the nation and new million dollar dot com companies seemed to be the talk of every newscast."

Junior presents Casualties of the Oil Bubble posted at Car Commentary, saying, "It did't take long for the oil bubble to burst. When it did, many victims were left in its wake."

Dr Martin Russell presents Case Study In Viral Word of Mouth posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, "Over the past 12 months I’ve been watching the internet for any truly viral marketing successes so I can use it as a word of mouth case study, and I’ve finally found one."

Stephen Pierce presents 3 Tips to Get a Grip And Make Money Online posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce, saying, "Here is a 4 minute and 18 second video that gives you what I call, “3 Tips To Get A Grip On The Money Game!”"

Praveen presents My Simple Trading System: Honey Laundering posted at My Simple Trading System.

Isaac Yassar presents Why You Should Never Join MLM posted at Isaac Yassar .com, saying, "Hi, I'm Isaac Yassar and I help people reaching success in self development, business, and blogging for free. Do you think Windows would be the most popular operating system in the world if Bill Gates sell it through multi-level marketing?"

Tushar Mathur presents Do You Need To Purchase Registered Agent Service For Your Business posted at Small Business Resource, saying, "Registered Agent services aren’t cheap. Many companies charge $100-125 per year to act as your agent. So it’s important for you to know 1. Do you need a Registered Agent and 2. Should you pay for one."

Simon Stapleton presents How To Ask For a Fair Raise or Pay Increase During a Recession | posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "Asking for a raise during a recession can give good reason for your boss to think you’re totally out of touch with what’s happening in the global economy, or maybe they’ll think you’re just insensitive to business issues. It’s a risky thing to do. What if you’re struggling to make ends meet yourself; perhaps you have no choice? Here are some tips on how to ask for a raise during an economic downturn."

Darryl Kimball presents My MLM Experience Part II- Working The Business posted at Just Give Me a Home Based Business That Makes Money, saying, "So I begin to study and work my new Amway business. I am excited about the prospect of building a large successful business, but my new venture is not without some personal doubts."

Raymond presents MonaVie Acai Berry Juice Scam posted at Money Blue Book.

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