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April 5, 2009 Edition

Welcome to the April 5, 2009 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

Ian Welsh presents Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening posted at Ian Welsh, saying, "The current financial crisis is not the result of a corporate vigilance failure. In fact, the crisis is the foreseeable and inevitable result of our very financial systems."

Britannica Blog presents Business Writing Quizzes: How Well Can You Do? | Britannica Blog posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "Somebody said “Sloppy writing reflects (and advertises) sloppy thinking.” I guess the corollary would be that “Careful, clear writing reflects (and advertises) clear thinking.”"

debergerac78 presents Was AIG's Board of Directors asleep at the switch? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "AIG President Liddy isn't the only one who should take the heat. This fiasco could have been headed off if the board did something about it beforehand."

Tami Blodgett presents Presence in the Presence-tation posted at Online Wellness: A Safe Haven, saying, "If you master the power of your presence, the rest comes sooooooo much easier. When you master the art of presence, you can walk into a stall and the horse will respect you. You can stand in front of a group of mildly interested peers and instantly grab their attention, because they respect you. Pamela explains how."

Jim DeSantis presents Free Identity Theft eBook at On Line Tribune posted at How To Develop Effective Relationships at On Line Tribune, saying, "May this true story serve as a warning. An Innocent teen was falsely accused of a crime. Charges were finally exposed as fabricated and his good name preserved. But, the information was still in an F.B.I. computer in Virginia. It surfaced 30 years after he thought he was exhonorated and cost him an important job."

GreatManagement presents Public Speaking Tips - Presenting An Influential Speech Will Boost Your Career posted at GreatManagement Blog, saying, "These days Public Speaking is becoming an essential skill and the higher you go up the career ladder, the more you are expected to present.Here are the specific steps you need to take to command the audiences attention, have a lasting effect on your audience and get the results you desire."

Kevin D. Rolle presents Recession-Busting Info (Part 1 Of 29): Visions Of Grandeur posted at IM OFFERS Blog.

Martin Russell presents Viral Video… For Small Business? posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, saying, "I’ve been paying attention to online video for quite a while now. It’s been hot for the internet - but does it have any relevance for viral word of mouth in small business?"

Simon Stapleton presents Should You Take a Lower-Level Job? posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "This is a burning question on the lips of many IT people who are out of work, or want to move on from a dead-end job. Should you take a role that you consider beneath your abilities and talents to get into the workplace again to put food on your plate?"

Tushar presents SEO Checklist for Creating a New Website posted at TUSHARVICKKIE, saying, "The SEO Checklist lists all the important and necessary elements to be taken care of while developing the website. It's always better to optimize the website from the very beginning. Check it out, and get higher rankings."

Anna Farmery presents Why I believe the Bonus Culture Should be Stopped Altogether posted at The Engaging Brand.

Simon Stapleton presents The Conundrum of High Salary posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "Do you get hung up on how much you earn? Is your salary the most important measure to you in terms of defining your success?"

Silicon Valley Blogger presents American Express Rewards Credit Card Offers A $25 Sign Up Bonus posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"

The Smarter Wallet presents A Stock Trading System For Shorting Stocks: How To Short Estee Lauder posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

debergerac78 presents Kudos to Dove for its Campaign for Real Beauty posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "Dove's counter-culture marketing teaches women, young girls especially, to value their own natural beauty rather than the manufactured kind so flagrantly endorsed by other beauty companies."

nickel presents Zecco: Still the Best Online Broker? posted at

Credit Card Addict presents Reduced Credit Card Limits Hurting Credit Scores posted at CreditAddict.

GreatManagement presents Do You Feel Anxiety When Speaking? posted at GreatManagement Blog, saying, "Overcome That Anxiety And Keep Your Audience ListeningThere are hundreds and hundreds of articles around the Internet helping you to overcome the fear of Public Speaking. You may have seen some.And the vast majority help you overcome the fear of getting onto the platform, standing up and actually starting to speak.Now I agree that is a common fear and can cause much anxiety and stress.But what about the actual "

Simon Stapleton presents Powerful Performance Review Questions posted at ACE Your Performance Review, saying, "There are 3 questions that just have to be asked during your performance appraisal. If your manager is experienced in conducting reviews, then he or she will ask them for sure. If not, then you must ask them. For the answers are the most important things you will learn during your review. What are they?"

Andrew Rondeau presents How To Commit Career Suicide posted at Job and Career Advice, saying, "You could be the fastest ever person to be promoted through the ranks. Then suddenly you are not…and you don’t know what you’ve done wrong. You've committed career suicide!"

Wally Bock presents The Planning Fairy posted at Three Star Leadership Blog, saying, "With homage to Jeff Foxworthy, Wally Bock offers five ways to tell if you believe in the Planning Fairy."

Ben presents Getting Things Done Without Doing Any of the Work posted at Money Smart Life.

Larry Russell presents Most Individual Investors Are Poor Personal Portfolio Managers | Personal Investment Management posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, "Investors more easily understand investment costs that are directly measurable, such as fees deducted on investment statements. However, many investors ignore or are unaware of the opportunity costs of their sub-optimal investment behaviors. Opportunity costs are usually much more difficult to measure directly, but these investment costs can be even higher than more visible investment fees."

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