Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010 Edition

Welcome to the April 18, 2010 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

Isabella Smith presents 10 Extremely Successful Businesses That Started In College posted at Online Degree, saying, "The listed 10 companies remain some of the more visible and well-known examples that sprung forth from the minds of college and university students.And all of this came about because they pushed themselves to gather their resources together and provide services to certain niches in need of a few tweaks and boosts."

Mariana Ashley presents 10 Most Famous Tax Evaders of All Time posted at Career Overview.

nissim ziv presents Resume Objective Statement: Examples of Phrases posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, "The objective statement is arguably the most important paragraph in a resume."

Jennifer Kingsley presents Top 50 Human Resources Blogs posted at Masters in Human Resources, saying, "The top 50 human resources blogs listed here can help you stay up to speed in today’s HR environment. These blogs were chosen for their popularity as well as for their recent updates."

Edna Goldberg presents 7 Little Known Ways to Improve a Home?s Value posted at Masters in Construction Management, saying, "The wealth of most Americans is locked away in four walls and a lawn. Owning your own home is the truest sense of the American dream, and is an investment that if managed properly will provide your family financial security for years to come."

Henry presents Razolv Virtual Call Center posted at Razolv, saying, "Just submitting"

John Laugherton presents 50 Free Open Courseware Classes About Every Type of Engineering posted at Online Engineering Programs, saying, "It may seem really easy to lump all engineering into one category. However, the truth is that there are several different types of engineering. If you are interested in learning more about engineering, you can read about the different types of programs available."

John W. Furst presents A Monologue: Listen Marketers! posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "Many corporations get that wrong. 'You have a huge advertising budget ... so what?'"

Aaliyah Williams presents Masters in Health Administration (MHA) Average Salary | Master Of Health Administration posted at The Health Express, saying, "By getting an advanced degree in health administration, you’ll be qualified for higher-paying jobs that come attached with more responsibilities and a more fulfilling career overall."

Natalie Thomas presents 10 Lessons Every College Student Should Learn from Mark Zuckerberg posted at High Speed Internet Service, saying, "At not even 20 years old, Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies founded a company from their Harvard dorm room. Six years, millions of dollars, and hundreds of millions of users later, anyone with an internet connection has heard of Facebook."

Mitch Smith presents 10 Useful Web Apps to Manage Any Information posted at Masters in Informatics, saying, "With the help of technology, it becomes quite possible to manage important information with relative ease. Specifically, web applications can be a great aid for people who need to keep track of a wide variety of informational tidbits every day."

Thomas Lopez presents 100 Essential Cheat Sheets for Doing Business Abroad posted at Online Degrees.

Ferrari Dude presents Top 50 Project Management Blogs posted at Masters in Project Management, saying, "The following list may help you stay on top of these requirements, as the 50 project management blogs listed here are written by the best in the field."

Rugbygirl Crosby presents 9 Pervasive Myths About Choosing an Occupation posted at Masters in Occupational Therapy, saying, "Choosing an occupation is a daunting task. With the amount of misinformation abounding on the subject, this post singles out the biggest myths."

June Tree presents YNAB (You Need A Budget) Personal Budget Software Is 10% Off posted at The Digerati Life

TSW Blog presents Use Secured Credit Cards To Develop Your Credit History posted at The Smarter Wallet

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