Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the December 16, 2007 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Ego or Soul? Who's Driving? posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Even though I identify my sense of self with soul, there seems to be another “something” inside forever jockeying for position and making its presence known. This is the ego.

What’s the difference? How can you know which one is in charge? What are their characteristics? Since I prefer peace to mayhem and contentment to perpetual, blind striving, my goal is to keep soul in the driver’s seat as often as possible. Instead of an either/or situation, I like the idea of soul and ego peacefully coexisting in a manner that best serves the greater good. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)"

Alvaro Fernandez presents Cognitive Health, Aging and Baby Boomers posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "How baby boomers will revolutionize more aspects of Corporate America that we typically think of, and why we'll need to keep an eye on what large companies do"

Leon Gettler presents Push to make BP pay for explosion posted at Sox First, saying, "The proposed $50 million penalty for BP for its negligence that led to the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion that killed 15 workers is letting the British-based petroleum giant off lightly, according to court filings."

Charles H. Green presents How To Get Your Industry Regulated, in 6 Easy Lessons posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Be out of control and deny it! No one will notice!"

Charles H. Green presents Ben Stein vs. Goldman Sachs: Market-Makers, Brokers, and Trusted Advisors posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Was Goldman Sachs unethical to be heeding the same products they were happily selling customers?"

Louise Manning presents Does your Organisation have a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy? posted at The Human Imprint.

Edith presents If You Don’t Love Your Job… posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Rebecca Wallace-Segall presents A Comedy Writer on Strike posted at a community of young writers in new york city.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Consciously Programming Your Subconscious Mind Before Sleep posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "We are all continuously feeding our minds with the words we read, the audio we hear, and the images we see on the screen. The ideas we expose our minds to immediately before going to sleep are powerful. They sink deep into our subconscious mind as we ease into the alpha state of consciousness, as part of the sleep cycle. Here, the subconscious mind reviews the ideas over and over, not because they are the most important, but simply because they were the most recent. For a life of excellence, you must be the proactive, deliberate, aware, and conscious gatekeeper and feed your mind on purpose. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)"

Leon Gettler presents Siemens: the scandal that won't go away posted at Sox First, saying, "The Siemens bribery scandal won’t go away. Its new finance chief has lost his job even before he started it and the company is in trouble for bribing military officers in Norway."

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