Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30, 2007 Edition

Welcome to the December 30, 2007 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Happy New Year!

Mark Riffey presents Does your business run at the speed of trust? posted at Business is Personal, saying, "During our campout this past weekend at Lake McDonald in Glacier Park, I had an incident that reminded me of Covey's article about the "speed of trust" which if you think about it, speaks to everything from day to day business to systemic health care issues in the United States..."

Bonnie Krueger presents What Are Good Steps For Debt Repayment Plans? posted at Student Loan Consolidation.

Tupelo Kenyon presents How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Through Intuition posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Intuition feels good. That should be enough of a clue it's something that can be trusted. But, our culture has done a thorough job of instilling doubt about the wisdom of following our instincts. Instead, we are taught to think things through and be logical. These mental tools are important, but they were never intended to be used instead of intuition. They work better when used in conjunction with intuition. If we are open to it, we get nudges and insights to move us in the direction of our greatest joys, our most valuable contributions, and our most satisfying life. Those quiet whispers and gentle taps on the shoulder are examples of inner guidance in action – intuition. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free."

Jenny presents November Earnings Report posted at the so called me.

Leon Gettler presents Phone companies and the surveillance state posted at Sox First, saying, "The US Senate is set to vote on giving phone carriers retroactive immunity for surveillance of US citizens. Just a little something to make life easier for the National Security Agency (NSA). The phone companies are spying on Americans."

Leon Gettler presents BP, serial offender posted at Sox First, saying, "The US might have already entered a recession. Here are some tips for surviving it."

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