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January 13, 2008 Edition

Welcome to the January 13, 2008 edition of Corporate Vigilance.

Ryan-Careonecredit presents When Should You Refinance? posted at Care on Credit, saying, "There are several reasons to refinance your home mortgage, and knowing when is the right time depends on your particular situation"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents The Mortgage Loan Process posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Buying a new home could be the single largest purchase you ever make, and applying for a mortgage may feel intimidating and seem like a daunting task"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents The Power of Pre-Approval posted at Care on Credit, saying, "However, that may not be the wisest place to start. Working with a lender first helps you determine how much house you can afford. Then, your shopping experience will allow you to focus your search on homes in your price range"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Taking Advantage Of The Equity In Your Home posted at Care on Credit, saying, "A home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage, provides you with a fixed amount of money, repayable over a fixed period of time"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Managing Your Credit Wisely Improves Your Chances for a Good Mortgage posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Naturally, if you have kept your credit use reasonable and always paid your bills on time, you will most likely have very few difficulties obtaining a mortgage loan. But what if you are one of the many Americans whose credit report is less than perfect?"

Leon Gettler presents Lobbyists, subprime and the Rolling Stones posted at Sox First, saying, "While the US was heading into the subprime meltdown, lawmakers around the country were being dissuaded from bringing in laws to curtail their sharp lending practices. Top stop them, the subprime industry was handing out cash and gifts, including free Rolling Stones tickets to people like Arnold Schwarzenegger.."

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Mutual Funds posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Ready to invest in the stock and bond market? Feeling a little bit intimidated? Try a mutual fund"

Ian Welsh presents Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening posted at The Agonist, saying, "Our financial system has given us two financial bubbles and 30 years in which the average American hasn't had a raise and has taken on debt. A lot of people have gotten rich, and for them these last 30 years have been great, which is why there's a bipartisan consensus amongst the people who matter in both parties to keep going what has been, for them, the best of all possible times. There'll be a lot more rich in America, but odds that you'll be one of them are near zero."

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Certificates of Deposit - A Low Risk And Safe Investment posted at Care on Credit, saying, "A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured time deposit issued by banks and brokerage firms across the country"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Compound Interest - Every Saver's Dream posted at Care on Credit, saying, "The beauty of compound interest is that, once it starts, it doesn't stop. You can turn pennies into 100's of dollars through this natural phenomenon"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Digging out of Debt is the Beginning of Building your Savings posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Financial planners often point out that getting out of high-interest debt is in itself a substantial investment-hence the standard advice that if you have money in savings you should use it to pay down expensive credit-card balances, which cost more in interest than your savings earns"

Tupelo Kenyon presents Is Food Your Medicine or Poison? posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Food is not what it used to be. In the relatively recent past, food was universally recognized as the fruits and nuts that grow on trees, the vegetables that grow out of the soil, plus some fish and game. If you were to take a ride in a time machine and show our ancestors what we eat today, they would recognize very little of it. For the most part, it’s over-packaged, over-processed, over-rated and under-nourishing. Every day, we choose our future health and vitality by what we choose to put in our mouths. Three times a day we have the opportunity to act upon our resolve to experience optimum health and vitality . . . at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appetit. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free."

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Credit Unions Explained posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Is a credit union right for you? Compare credit union services to traditional bank services and you decide whether a credit union meets your needs"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Selecting a Financial Institution posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Selecting the right financial institution means making sure all of your banking needs are met. There are many considerations to evaluate"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Checking Out Checking Accounts posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Are you familiar with the different features of checking accounts? There are many factors to consider when selecting the type of checking account that's best for you."

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Income Tax Withholding posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Each time you start a new job, one of the first things you do is complete a Form W-4. Do you know why?"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Tax Audits posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Getting an audit notice from the IRS can be intimidating. Understanding the process can help you get through it, and may even help you avoid an audit altogether"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Tax Benefits of Certain Investments posted at Care on Credit, saying, "You can invest your money in tax-exempt and tax-deferred investments that will help you accumulate wealth quickly"

Louise Manning presents Effective management of capital assets posted at The Human Imprint.

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Leisure Time Budgeting Articles posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Saving money on entertainment doesn't mean you have to go to bed early every night. You can really save money and still have a good time"

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Summer Vacations – Can You Stay on Budget? posted at Care on Credit, saying, "For a lot of people, summertime means one thing: taking a vacation. But vacations can be expensive. With some advanced planning, you can have fun in the sun away from home. And you can do it all without breaking the bank."

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