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May 17, 2009 Edition

Welcome to the May 17, 2009 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

debergerac78 presents How financially savvy are your employees? posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "The more financially literate your employees , the less likely they'll find themselves in dire financial straits, giving them less reasons to engage in unethical conduct."

Shaun Connell presents The 10-Step-Plan: How to Make Money Online posted at Make Money Online, saying, "The Internet is filled with thousands of blogs that teach tips for making money online — unfortunately, very few give you a detailed tutorial for how to build your own website that will continually earn an income indefinitely. That’s what this page is for."

Eric Michael Johnson presents Priming the Pump of a Swine Flu Pandemic posted at The Primate Diaries.

Home Based Business presents 6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online posted at Internet Home Based Business Opportunity, saying, "A staggering $2.1 billion in affiliate marketing fees were paid to blog and website owners in 2008. This finding in a recent study by Jupiter Research confirms what many savvy Internet marketers have known for a while: Affiliate marketing has become one of the top business opportunities online because the startup costs are so low and the income you generate can be mind-blowing."

GreatManagement presents Improving the Quality of Your Life posted at Great Management, saying, "No matter what job you have, no matter where you live, you will have stress in your life. What causes you stress is different to what causes me stress. What you stress about is different to what I stress about. The amount of stress you can cope with is different to the levels I can cope with."

nickel presents Is a Scam? posted at

Simon Stapleton presents Lead Well and Prosper posted at ACE Your Performance Review, saying, "If management was a true science, then there wouldn’t be so many books on the subject. Do a search on Amazon for management and you’ll see thousands of books on the subject."

Shaun Connell presents The 50-Article Plan: Content That Makes Money posted at Make Money Online, saying, "Financial plans, website plans — plans give us a direction, and organize us so we know exactly what to do next. When you have a plan that works you can focus all of your efforts where it counts the most."

debergerac78 presents Business apology tip #5: Say you’re sorry - sincerely! posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "Two words--I'm sorry--are one of the hardest things to say, particularly when it comes to business. They are however still the quickest, most effective way to repair a business relationship."

Simon Stapleton presents Do Your Bosses Think You Web-Two-O Too Much? | posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "The explosive use of LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace has urged some companies to reevaluate their electronic-use policies. Some organizations have banned social-networking tools completely over concerns about a drop in productivity as well as data-security."

Margaret Garcia presents 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources to Help You Survive Without a Job posted at Radiography Schools.

Nancy Miller presents 100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA posted at Construction Management Degrees.

GreatManagement presents Public Speaking - How to Present an Effective Speech posted at Great Management, saying, "Public speaking is both an art and a science. There are specific steps that can be taken to command attention and results. A scientific means of presenting your speech will have a lasting effect on your audience."

Chris McClelland presents The Best Places in America to Starve posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents College graduation: A diploma in one hand and a mountain of debt ahead. posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents The Most Financially Productive Areas to Live posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents Income Streams for Life posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents 10 Reasons Your Bank Never Wanted You to Read This posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents Signs a Stock is Going to Fall posted at Lucrative Investing.

Chris McClelland presents Can 18 wheelers be a sign of the economy? posted at Lucrative Investing.

Dan at Everydayfinance presents $60M Fine for Goldman for Housing Mess - Barking up the Wrong Tree? posted at Everyday Finance, saying, "This article examines the misdirected rage toward the survivors on Wall Street for the sub-prime driven financial meltdown."

Darwin presents Advanta Freezes Credit Cards - High Yield Notes in Jeopardy? posted at Darwin's Finance, saying, "This article highlights the unprecedented move by Advanta, a credit card issuer, to freeze all credit to borrowers followed by a consideration of the safety of their high yield notes."

Jim Logan presents Branding - A nice way to spend, but not make money posted at B2B Rainmaker, saying, "Branding is interesting - an intangible marketing activity led by people who don’t have revenue responsibilities."

John Harding presents Geithner’s gift of your money to MatlinPatterson and Lap Wai Chan posted at Getting at the truth, saying, "How the US bailout is making the rich even richer - at your expense."

Simon Stapleton presents Don't Gamble On Your Performance Review posted at ACE Your Performance Review, saying, "You might enjoy a turn on the slots in Vegas, or possibly a flutter on the Kentucky Derby. Then again, you may totally object to gambling based on ethical or religious grounds. Would you gamble with your retirement fund? Or your home? Or on the livelihood of your family and kids? The answer is likely to be a resolute NO."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents TradeKing Review: How Does TradeKing Measure Up? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"

The Smarter Wallet presents S & P Index and Crude Oil Market Trends: Next Steps? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

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