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May 3, 2009 Edition

Welcome to the May 3, 2009 edition of Corporate Vigilance presenting an array of opinions, instruction, and helpful information as it relates to business and personal finance.

Private Jet Enthusiast presents Most Common Private Jet Models posted at Private Jet Information, saying, "While many people think that having a private jet at your disposal is an unattainable luxury, there are actually many situations in which private jets can be more cost effective than commercial airlines."

John Harding presents Sen. Feinstein & Richard Blum - Love and Larceny | Getting at the truth posted at Getting at the Truth, saying, "About the same time of the contract award, Mr. Blum’s and Mrs. Feinstein’s other company; Blum Capital Partners, purchased more than 10 million new shares in CBRE. That gave a profit of $13.7 million to Mr. Blum and Mrs. Feinstein."

Home Based Business presents 21 Steps To Home Business Success posted at Online Home-Based Business Opportunity, saying, "Fifty million home-based businesses will be in operation by 1997, according to Link Resource's National Work-at Home Survey. All around the country, people who want more control over their lives are starting home businesses"

Phil B. presents The Advantages and Disadvantages of eStatements « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "With the advent of the Internet, many companies have stopped mailing regular statements to their customers. Instead, companies now prefer to send electronic statements or eStatements."

Stanley Samuel presents So you’re saying, “There’s a chance.” posted at Wall & Main.

GreatManagement presents How To Accomplish More By Writing Goals posted at Great Management, saying, "As part of your personal success and drive, establishing a clear way forward and vision of what you want to accomplish is crucial. Then you need to find time and start some goal planning."

Shot presents Piercing the Veil posted at, saying, "if legal but unsuccessful business decisions made as a business owner or a mere employee subject you to personal liability, what is your or anyone’s incentive to take chances and succeed or fail?"

Simon Stapleton presents If You Have Objectives, Then Get an Implementation Plan posted at ACE Your Performance Review, saying, "Got objectives you will be reviewed against? Then get an implementation plan!"

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Zecco vs TradeKing: Which Online Stock Brokerage Account To Choose? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"

Wally Bock presents Boost the troop's morale - WhooHooo posted at Three Star Leadership Blog, saying, "Wally Bock says that the Wall Street Journal has published another of those make-your-people-happy articles that shows that wishful thinking is alive and well in the downturn. He shares a few of the things that kicked over his rant bucket."

Bank Savings Review presents Is Citigroup Vikram Pandit’s Job Safe? posted at Bank Savings Review, saying, "is Vikram Pandit going to be sacked?"

The Smarter Wallet presents Trading The Market: What Market Trends Are Stock Traders Riding On Recently? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

debergerac78 presents Looking for business ethics tips? Check out the top 50 business ethics blogs posted at The Business Ethics Blog, saying, "Here is a good guide for business ethics based on real-life situations, written by professors, CEOs, attorneys, and many others."

James presents Work From Home - Writing Your First Freelance Article posted at Making Money Freelance Writing, saying, "The most intimidating thing for me getting started with working from
home by freelance writing was writing my first article! I've covered
some basics for writing your first article in your efforts to make
money working at home."

GreatManagement presents How To Improve Your Personal Productivity With Task Management posted at Great Management, saying, "Can you remember times when your personal productivity has been ineffective?Maybe, you have been given a large project to deliver and, at first, you are excited.Then, you suddenly realise how complex or large the project actually is and you become overwhelmed at the sheer scope of time and effort required. Have you experienced that?"

ChristianPF presents Hobby Lobby raises minimum wage to $10/hr posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "When most companies are laying people off, it's nice to see Hobby Lobby increasing wages!"

Shot presents Chrysler Communist Motors Inc. posted at

Jim presents 11 tips to reinforce a purchase decision and establish a customer for life posted at B2B Rainmaker, saying, "Here are 11 tips to reinforce a purchase decision and start a lifelong relationship with a new customer:"

Ray presents Free Budgeting Software Online posted at Money Blue Book.

HumorThatWorks presents An Easy Tip to Getting Management Approval posted at Humor That Works, saying, "In any company, good or bad, success is about getting ideas approved. This is an easy tip to do that."

The Smarter Wallet presents S & P Index and Crude Oil Market Trends: Next Steps? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"

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